Dear owner, shopkeeper!

Unfortunately, more and more families are having problems with food and raw material allergy. Prevention and remedy can make our everyday more and more complicated.

Summer is a challenging period for those who want healthy delicacies or just cannot eat certain foods, specific ingredients. Especially, during these hot summer days everyone wants some delicious ice-creams, but not everyone can have it. In order to make the healthy not just healthy, but enjoyable, after a long, and careful development process we have created this delicious ice-cream family, using just 100% natural ingredients. Every single product is vegan. It does not contain any animal products.
We offer our ice-creams in 6 majestic flavours: chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, raspberry, mango, mint and lemon.The products are packed in 180 g packs, in six cartons, in a heat-sealed paper box.

The NOMILK ice-creams do not contain any allergenic substances.

Your order will be delivered to your home within 1-2 days, you only have to provide the freezer. Shops who sell NOMILK ice cream are immediately posted on our website, by district showing map and opening hours.

We also help shops with posters, showcases and Facebook posts. If requested, it is possible to make stickers for the freezers and even to organize shop tastings.

180 g packages:

Minimum order quantity: 6 box/ 36 pieces


Below, you can download the list of ingredients and nutrition facts of the ice-creams.

Download: List of ingredients